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Contact us at 610-261-9616

2750 Limestone St. Coplay PA 18037
Diverse course offerings

Shooters with Disabilities,

Welcome to Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. The paving of the facilities allows shooters who utilize a wheelchair to navigate around the course easily. We are continually working to improve the course for your ease of use and shooting enjoyment. Only your unique perspective can help us improve the facilities and your suggestions are always welcome. Please let the clubhouse staff know what we can do to improve the facilities on your behalf.

Here is some helpful information:

  • Accessible parking is marked in the parking lot closest to the clubhouse. Sorry no motor vehicles allowed on the course due to insurance requirements.
  • For special assistance, please call the clubhouse upon arrival at 610.261.9616 and we will be happy to meet you in the parking lot to assist.
  • Accessible restrooms are located in the clubhouse.
  • Motorized and non-motorized wheel chairs and other power driven mobility devices are permitted. The steepest grades on the course trail are a down 6% grade between Stations 2 Green and 1 Blue/Orange and 1 Blue/Orange  to 4 Green; an up 3% grade between Stations 6 Green and 8 Green; and a down 8% grade from Station 13 Green to the Clubhouse.
  • Ramps to shooting stations are ADA compliant.
  • Shooters utilizing wheel chairs are to shoot directly to the right of a shooting Station. Only shooters utilizing wheel chairs are permitted to shoot from outside a shooting station.
  • All other shooting rules for safety still apply.
  • Shooters utilizing wheel chairs are not required to pick up their empty hulls. If you have a friend, maybe they can pick up your empty hulls which will make it easier for other wheelchairs to navigate around the stations.

Currently Stations 3 Blue/Orange and 4 Blue/Orange are not accessible; please make up those Station's targets at other Stations of your choosing.

Flurry, long bird and other games are set up for special invite.

Flurry, long bird and other games are set up for special invite.