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Sporting Clays 101 Diverse course offerings

Sporting Clays is a safe shotgun sport.

It's only similiarity to skeet or trap shooting is that you use a shotgun to shoot clay targets. On a sporting clays course, you move from station to station. At each station, clay targets are thrown in pairs, usually 3-4 pairs per station.

A typical round of sporting clays consists of a total of 100 targets. Each presentation differs from the others to keep it interesting, exciting and challenging. There are variations in trap position, speed, shooting position, size of the targets. The flight paths of different sizes of clay targets can include targets that come through the trees, from under your feet, straight up, over your head, quartering, and going away, left to right, right to left and over the water.

Our course is designed for both beginners and experts to enjoy.

Our diverse course

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