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Sporting Clays 101 Diverse course offerings

History of Sporting Clays

Sporting clays originated in England and was created to provide a recreational activity for hunters and people who like the outdoors. It's for people who don't like regimented, highly structured games. Each station is in a different setting and has a variety of target presentations. This keeps the sport not only interesting but also challenging.

To be a good shot doesn't take a lot of physical ability, but it does require concentration on each shot. As in golf, stance and a smooth swing are important. Another similarity is that in order to get a shot, you have to keep your head down. Sporting Clay courses like golf courses are all distinctly individual. You can practice your long and short game. You can ride around in a golf cart in comfort. You can shoot with expensive guns and dress to the nines or come in jeans and a T-shirts, use a rental gun and still have a great time.

Our diverse course

The Chimneys - If you're really good you'll be able to hit the target as it sails between the chimneys!