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Regardless of your level of shooting proficiency, Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays instructors are committed to improve your shooting game. Our staff of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are committed to making your instruction enjoyable.

First time out? Regardless of your age, size, skill level, or handicap, we will have you breaking targets in no time. We even have special guns and shells for juniors, ladies and beginners. Please call aHead to schedule.

If you've shot sporting clays before, then you understand the excitement. While providing further instruction, our instructors challenge shooters by introducing them to new and challenging sporting clay presentations and games, such as wobble trap and 5-Stand.

NSCA Certified Level 1 Instructors

  • Bill Bachenberg
  • Jim Flader*
  • Randy Dotter*
  • John Yanek
  • Sam Lutz*
  • Bernie Mortellaro*
  • Shane Kocher*
  • John Brownell*
  • Beany Sarnicke
  • Ed Pologruto*
  • Joe Snyder
  • John Citarella
  • Jay Martyn
  • Bob Broderick

*Both NRA & NSCA Certified

NRA Certified Instructor

  • Clem LeCure
  • Karl Alden

NSCA Certified Level 2 Instructors

  • Stephen Biello
  • John Wm. Schreck



SCTP - Scholastic Clay Target Program - Youth program Grades 5 -12 click here for info


Our diverse course

One of our many unique stations. This is the remnant of a building from when this was an operation limestone quarry. Shoot clay targets coming toward you through the windows.