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Course Rules

Safety Glasses must we worn at ALL times when on the course, even when you are not shooting. Please remind your squad if someone is not wearing their safety glasses.

Only shoot from the station that your trapper controls are plugged into. All shots must be taken from in the station. Shooting from anywhere else including "next to" or "in front of" is strictly prohibited. Never shoot from a station that you are not plugged into - this will create a very unsafe situation.

  • Never enter a Trap house. Never try to fix a Trap machine. Never try to correct a Trap thrower problem or change wiring; notify the LVSC staff at once of any problems or safety issues.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the sporting clays course or any designated shooting areas. No one will be allowed to participate in any shooting activity if deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Protective glasses and ear protection must be worn while on the sporting clays course, 5-Stand, Game area or any designated shooting area at all times.

  • A shotgun can only be loaded when a shooter is in the station and target area is deemed clear and safe. At all times, the gun shall be unloaded and placed on a rack or carried vertical with the action open. When leaving any station or shooting area, shooters must ensure that the shotgun is unloaded and the action is open and carried in a vertical position.

  • No practice swings will be allowed except while in a station or in a practice area. Practice swings behind any station are not permitted.

  • At no time will a shooter load more than TWO shells in a shotgun. The largest shot size permitted is #7.5 (i.e. # 8, 9 allowed - No #6 or larger).

  • Never handle another shooter's gun without their permission.

  • It is forbidden to shoot at any live game.

  • Any infraction of these rules will result in loss of privileges and possible expulsion from the property.

  • All shots must be taken from in a station. Shooting from anywhere else including next to or in front of a station is strictly prohibited. ONLY wheel chair shooters are permitted to shot directly next to a station when it is deemed safe.

  • We are not responsible for any damages to your person or any equipment that falls off of a golf cart/ATV for any reason whether it's yours or LVSC's. Drivers of a golf cart/ATV, whether it's yours or LVSC's, must possess a valid automobile driver's license.

  • No golf cart/ATV speeding. Speeding is considered driving faster than a person jogging or staff's judgment. Speeders will be asked to leave for the day with no refund, NO WARNINGS!!!

  • Only drive in a clockwise rotation. NO EXCEPTIONS. All golf cart riders must be seated. No hanging or standing on the back of a golf cart or ATV. No more than 4 riders per cart

  • Always park off to the side of the pavement, but on the pavement. Always leave room for others to pass safely.

  • All guns must be field shotguns ie: no pistol grips or collapsible stocks; 24" barrel minimum.

  • Skipping stations is NOT permitted.

  • When leaving any station or shooting area, shooters must ensure that the shotgun is unloaded and the action is open.

  • Everyone must stay on the course trail. Never walk off the trail for any reason, there are many deep caverns, pits and sharp objects just off the course trail that you could fall into. This could result in very serious injury or death.

  • Guns must be carried vertically on golf carts. No horizontal gun racks are allowed for obvious safety reasons


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